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A Doctor Who super-fan has been given the perfect gift by her husband - a replica of the TARDIS used by the show’s hero to travel through time.

Midwife Clare Lee, who owns dozens of TARDIS-themed ornaments, uses the model as a shed at the bottom of her garden in Nottingham.

But unlike the real TARDIS from the BBC hit, which is much bigger inside than out, the replica only has enough space to fit a wheelbarrow.

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A++ would reblog again.

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NewToWho: For the Official Doctor Who Tumblr Taggery

I honestly feel like I had one of the best “coming to Doctor Who” experiences ever. Doctor Who was always something I had heard about from a lot of people. I knew it was a television show, I knew it had been on forever, I knew it was British and witty and science fiction. But I had never actually seen a show. It was one of the those things that people assured me I would love, and I assured them I would get around to watching, but never did.

Then, in the fall of 2010, I took a course at university about Harry Potter. It was fantastic and we talked about all sorts of interesting issues. One such issue was intertextuality, and what allusions and references to texts in other texts might mean. My professor told us that, in order to explore this concept, we would be watching an episode of Doctor Who. As you might have guessed, we watched “The Shakespeare Code,” which contains multiple references to Harry Potter. Now, not only am I a huge fan of both Harry Potter and well-written dialogue, I am also an English Education major and a big fan of The Bard. Throughout the episode, I was in awe. I loved every bit of it - the wit, the loveably hokey aliens, the portrayal of Shakespeare, the Doctor’s nerdery. Suddenly, I found myself floored by this show that I had put off for so long. “Why didn’t I ever listen to my friends, and watch this sooner??” I kept thinking.

That night, I went back to my dorm and watched the first season. It wasn’t long before I not only caught up, but got my best friend hooked on it too. I also recently got my boyfriend into it and now all three of us are excited to sit down together and watch the premiere of season 7. I love Doctor Who and it’s so weird to think that I’ve only been part of this fandom for two years, but, then again, I suppose that when you run with the Doctor it feels like forever, no matter the time.

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Positively Persistent Teach: I don't understand what Docter Who is about.



I know this is a terrible thing to admit as mentions of it are always all over my dash, but I really don’t. And I really don’t understand why there are so many of them? Is it like the Bond role of television? How long has this been running?

No wonder, Docter…

I would watch a spin-off with a sassy dolphin. Does he wear a fez? I think he should wear a fez.

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